AWIS-PHL Mentoring Circles Program

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In working towards our mission of mentoring women in science to help them achieve their full potential, we created a Mentoring Circles Program at AWIS-PHL.

This is a great program designed to help mentees set goals (both professional and personal) and build competence and confidence to attain those goals.

Here’s some feedback from previous mentees:
“I learned a lot about myself and how to overcome problems that I didn’t even know I had.”
“I liked the “safe space” with lots of guidance/advice from both peers and from more seasoned professionals.”
“I loved being with women who’ve had such different (yet totally similar) experiences to me.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at We look forward to an exciting program again this year! 

Mentoring Circle information

A mentoring circle is a group of individuals that meet together on a regular basis for an agreed upon length of time. The group’s primary purpose is to help mentees accomplish two tasks:

1. Set important development goals
2. Build competence and character to reach those goals

The group exchanges experiences, challenges, and opportunities for the purpose of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, leadership practices, and commitment to one’s career.

  • Each mentoring circle consists of 2-3 mentors and up to 7 mentees, carefully matched using information gathered from mentee and mentor applications. Our mentors are an experienced group of women working in either academia or industry.
  • The time commitment is 2 hours per month over a 9 month period (Oct -June).
  • All participants must attend a mandatory kick off session early October.
  • All mentors must attend one mandatory mentor training workshops in late September.
  • There is a $30 fee to participate as a mentee in the program. ($15 of this fee is refundable upon registration and attendance at an AWIS-PHL event during the same program year.)
  • Mentor recruitment occurs in June-August of each year. Mentees are recruited in September of each year. The number of mentee slots available will depend on the number of mentors we were able to recruit.

The AWIS PHL Mentoring Circle Program is loosely based experience described in the book Every Other Thursday. The book describes the experience of a group of scientists who created an circle to discuss and help guide one another through their competitive careers at time when it was difficult to obtain tenure if you were a women or an underrepresented minority. Each circle meets once a month to share professional challenges and discuss potential solutions to these challenges. The mentors and mentees of each circle determine the format and topics discussed by the circle. Past topics include, but are not limited to, professional/personal life balance, gender biases, career transition, job search, and time management. Each group will meet for 2 hours once a month from approximately October through June. Since AWIS-PHL is not affiliated with any institution, the Mentoring Circle Program offers participants the opportunity to expand their professional network and develop relationships at a much deeper level than most networking opportunities.

Mentee Application: