AWIS-PHL Mentoring Circles Program

In working towards our mission of mentoring women in science to help them achieve their full potential, we created a mentoring circles program at AWIS-PHL.

This is a great program designed to help mentees set goals (both professional and personal) and build competence and confidence to attain those goals.

Here’s some feedback from previous mentees:
“I learned a lot about myself and how to overcome problems that I didn’t even know I had.”
“I liked the “safe space” with lots of guidance/advice from both peers and from more seasoned professionals.”
“I loved being with women who’ve had such different (yet totally similar) experiences to me.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at We look forward to an exciting program this year! Kind Regards,

Simone Temporal (Mentoring Circle Chair)

Mentoring Circle information

A Mentoring circle is a group of participants that act both as mentors and mentees under the guidance of a designated leader.  The group meets for an agreed upon length of time on an ongoing basis (decided in advance) for the purpose of discussing career and/or personal development topics.

Circle Size: 6-8 mentees/circle.

Frequency of meetings: Every – 6 weeks or so from fall through spring.

Where: Geographical location will be determined by each circle. Mentees will be grouped with geographical considerations of the mentors in mind. Face to face meetings are more beneficial to the program and are highly recommended.

Rules of participation:

  • The program is open to anyone who is a member of AWIS/AWIS-PHL (junior level or above).
  • Preference will be give to those who have not previously participated in the program
  • All participants are expected to have and maintain a strong commitment to the mentoring circle and participate in the majority of meetings-active participation of mentees is important for success of the circle.
  • Confidentiality and mutual respect are critical for the success of mentoring circles.


Roles and responsibilities:

  • Keep group relationship a priority and maintain confidentiality
  • Share insights and experiences
  • Share perspectives, perceptions and concerns
  • Provide honest and thoughtful feedback
  • Seek and respond to the feedback of others
  • Provide encouragement
  • Apply what is learned from participation



  • Hold regular meetings for a defined length of time
  • Help mentees set goals both career and personal development
  • Help mentees build confidence
  • Goals of each circle will be determined by each group at first meeting