The Association for Women in Science is a national organization dedicated to helping women in science achieve their career objectives. It is the premiere leadership organization advocating the interests of women in science and technology. About AWIS.

AWIS-PHL, the Philadelphia Chapter of AWIS, is governed by an Executive Board elected by the members of the chapter, and operates under bylaws approved by National AWIS. Visit our History page to learn more about the founding and focus of our chapter.

Why Join AWIS?

  • To improve your connections within the scientific community
  • To support the national mission of education and advocacy
  • To participate in programs promoting science education and awareness among girls and women
  • To learn about alternate careers for scientists
  • To receive and share information on career options and employment opportunities
  • To attend social and networking events and programs on topics in science, professional development, and women’s health

Members can participate in all chapter activities, vote in local and national AWIS elections, hold governing positions in the chapter, and serve on national committees, task forces, and the AWIS Governing Board. Members also have access to these exclusive benefits:

  • AWIS STEMiNARs©, the popular online learning series
  • A subscription to AWIS Magazine published 4 times a year (electronic format available)
  • Twice monthly editions of The Washington Wire, an online digest of relevant news from respected sources
  • AWIS membership directory to aid you in making connections
  • AWIS LinkedIn Members Only group
  • A printable membership certificate in wallet or letter size
A testimonial from a member of AWIS-PHL:

“My career has taken me from the lab bench to the board room and at each step I have the knowledge that my AWIS colleagues and friends are there for me.  This is invaluable, to have professional women in science in your corner.”

Join AWIS/AWIS-PHL at the Junior Level or Above:

Chapter dues: $10 for Professional level and above; FREE for Junior members. You MUST join National AWIS to become a member of a chapter.

Join AWIS/AWIS-PHL or update my contact information

(Existing members: This will only update your contact information at the local level. You should also update your record with AWIS National.)

For Students:

There is no longer a student membership category for AWIS National or AWIS-PHL. You are invited to join AWIS/AWIS-PHL at the Junior level (or above). If you don’t wish to join, we welcome you to sign up for the AWIS-PHL mailing list (students ONLY, please).

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Attention Drexel Students:

Drexel University is an Institutional Partner of AWIS. A benefit of the Drexel-AWIS partnership is that any undergraduate or graduate student at Drexel may sign up for a complimentary membership in AWIS National (known as a Collegiate Representative membership) by following the process below. Please also fill out the AWIS-PHL student information form (see link below) so we can get you on the chapter mailing list right away.

Click here to become a Collegiate Representative member of AWIS. You MUST use this link. The “Join” information on the AWIS National web site will not take you to the CR sign-up section. However, if you wish to join AWIS as a regular paying member, follow the instructions above to join AWIS/AWIS-PHL at the Junior Level or Above.

Once you have created a user name and entered the requested information, accept and then continue to complete the membership page. Under institution, select Drexel University and then indicate if you are a graduate or undergraduate student a bit farther down on the page. If given the opportunity (this feature may not be available at this time) select AWIS-PHL (Philadelphia Chapter) as your local chapter affiliation.

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